Plats & Maps

  1. Auditor Subdivisions

    View Auditory Subdivision Plats along with their municipality and surveyor.

  2. Cemeteries

    See plats for Goodhue County cemeteries.

  3. City / Town Roads

    Utilize city and town road plat information / resources.

  4. Condos / CIC's

    Access plat information specific to condos / CIC's in Goodhue County.

  5. County Row Maps

    View various County Row Maps.

  6. GLO Plats

    Pick specific GLO Plat documents by seeing a map of the Goodhue County Townships.

  7. Minnesota Department of Transportation Plats

    Research plats related to highways and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

  8. Plats

    Look through a list of alphabetically arranged plats.

  9. Registered Land Surveys

    Browse through registered land surveys.