ATV Ordinance

Welcome to the ATV Registration Process for Goodhue County 


This ordinance is for the management of All-Terrain Vehicles in the public right-of-way on roads within the county’s jurisdiction. The ordinance will allow licensed drivers of class 1 ATV’s to operate on county roads with a permit issued by the sheriff’s office. Once you complete the application it can be emailed to the sheriff’s office or letter mailed to the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office at 430 West 6th St. Red Wing, MN 55066. There is no fee and your permit will be good for a 3 year period. You will need to be familiar with the county ordinance and the ATV laws. This permit does not allow you to operate on State Highways. You will see links to the Goodhue county ATV ordinance and the State DNR ATV Laws. Once the permit is received by the sheriff’s office you will receive a confirmation number. Please keep a copy of the permit with you when riding on the county roadways. A person who violates any provision of this ordinance is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Requirements for a Permit

  1. Application shall be made in a form supplied by the County and shall contain the information listed below. All permits shall be issued by the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office or other appropriate agency.
  2. All ATV owners must provide proof of liability insurance at all times when operating on a roadway and a valid certificate of insurance coverage must be submitted at the time of the permit application.
  3. The permit shall be issued for a period of three calendar years (January 1 through December 31), and may be renewed thereafter.
  4. If you do not choose to ride the roadways listed in section III of this ordinance, you do not need a permit.
  5. ATV permits from other jurisdictions will be honored in Goodhue County as long as they are filed with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office or such other department as specified by the administrator for Goodhue County.

Goodhue County ATV Ordinance (PDF)
ATV Permit Application
ATV Permit Renewal Form
Important Information to know about the Ordinance (PDF)
MN DNR ATV Regulations