Fireworks Permit

Permit - Fireworks

Anyone who engages in a fireworks display within Goodhue County is required to obtain a fireworks permit.

A fireworks display must be conducted only when supervised by an operator certified by the State Fire Marshal. A fireworks display must either be given by a municipality or fair association within its own limits, or by any other organization, whether public or private, only after a permit for the display has first been secured.

Where to Apply

  • For an indoor fireworks display applications must be submitted to the state fire marshal.
  • For an outdoor fireworks display inside the city limits, applications must be submitted to the municipal clerk.
  • For outdoor fireworks displays conducted outside the city limits, applications must be submitted to the County Finance office 15 days in advance of the display date.

Application Process

The following required documents must be completed and accepted prior to issuing a permit. Forms can be downloaded on-line, but must be signed, and mailed or delivered to our office.

  • Application for fireworks permit
  • Form SP: C1 – License Applicant Information
  • Certification of Compliance with Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Law

Additional required documents:

  • A Bond or Certificate of insurance, in the amount of at least $5,000 must accompany the permit application.
  • A diagram of the display grounds
  • A list of names and ages of all assistants that will be participating in the display
  • A site safety plan

Fees & Applications

  • The permit fee is $50 (Application (PDF))
  • We will accept payment by cash, check, or money order
  • Checks should be made payable to Goodhue County