Emergency Reporting

Reportable Diseases

Find a list of reportable diseases A-Z at Minnesota Department of Health.
MDH - Reportable Diseases

How to Report a Disease

If you have a disease to report contact the Minnesota Department of Health.
MDH - Report a Disease

Poisoning or Foodborne Illness


Do you have a poison Emergency or Question? Call 1-800-222-1222. Open 24/7

Foodborne Illness

If you think you are ill from eating food in a public setting, call the Minnesota Foodborne Illness Hotline at 1-877-Food-ILL (1-877-366-3455).

Natural or Man-Made Emergencies

To report a natural or man-made emergency that may have public health consequences for the community, call your local Sheriff's Department Dispatch.


For diseases that require immediate reporting, please call the Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Prevention and Control Division at: 651-201-5414 or 1-877-676-5144.

For Immediate Assistance

If you need police, fire, or medical personnel to respond, call 911.
If you are ill, contact your health care provider.