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Healthy kids learn better! Live Well Goodhue County works with schools to increase opportunities for physical activity and improve access to healthy foods.

The goal of the Active Schools strategy is to increase physical activity opportunities during and outside the school day to help students meet the national guidelines of 60 minutes or more per day.  Incorporating physical activity throughout the school day can improve students’ concentration, behavior and learning retention.

Partnership Opportunities for Physical Activity:
•    Safe Routes to School – improving the ability to walk or bike to school safely
•    Quality physical education – ensuring the program includes opportunity to learn, meaningful content, appropriate instruction and program assessment
•    Active classrooms – integrating physical activity opportunities into the classroom  
•    Active recess – engaging students in physical activity during recess
•    Before and after school physical activity – increasing physical activity options through formal and informal programming including intramurals, interscholastic sports or activity clubs, and open gyms
The goal of the Healthy Eating in Schools strategy is to increase fruit and vegetables, decrease sodium, decrease saturated fat, and decrease added sugars in foods and beverages available to students.

Partnership Opportunities for Healthy Eating:
•    Farm to School – incorporating local, farm-fresh foods into the school menu
•    School-based agriculture – implementing school gardens or orchards
•    Healthy snacks during the school day – having healthy food and beverages accessible during the school day
•    Healthy snacks outside of the school day – targeting snack carts, vending, concessions, school store, fundraising, and celebrations/special events
•    Smarter lunchrooms and healthier menu options – improving eating behaviors by using practices in the cafeteria to promote healthful eating

Learn more about how to receive support from Live Well Goodhue County to work on school wellness initiatives.

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Live Well Goodhue County is supported by the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, Minnesota Department of Health

David Anderson, Coordinator
Goodhue County Health & Human Services, Public Health Division
426 West Avenue, Red Wing, MN 55066
651-385-6148 |  email

Megan Roschen, Co-Coordinator
Goodhue County Health & Human Services, Public Health Division
426 West Avenue, Red Wing, MN 55066
651-385-6140 l email