Why strive to improve the health of Goodhue County?

Healthcare costs continue to escalate and people continue to suffer and die needlessly from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

Obesity and being overweight threatens the health of our children, youth, adults and seniors, placing many of us at much greater risk for a wide variety of chronic diseases and health conditions.

Tobacco use is still the single most preventable cause of disease, disability and death. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Our goals include:

•    Implementing strategies based on science that’s known to work.
•    Focusing on long-term sustainable changes.
•    Helping partners adopt new policies, develop new systems, and make improvements to their environments so that health can be improved.

We will accomplish our goals through partnerships with:

•    Our Communities
•    Child Care Providers
•    Schools
•    Workplaces
•    Health Care Providers

Active Living in Communities Initiatives

We work to develop and implement policies and practices that increase opportunities for walking and bicycling. Working closely with our partner sites, we strive to shape policy and systems that create environments to support physical activity in everyday life.
Working with 4 partner sites, our work includes:
•    Comprehensive planning  (5,013 residents reached)
•    Increased access to facilities & opportunities  (18,423 residents reached)
•    Engaging with residents  (2,973 residents reached)

Healthy Eating in Communities Initiatives

Targeting policies, systems and the environment, we work to create sustainable community-wide changes that support healthy eating. Our activities increase access to and selection of healthy foods to improve health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.
Working with 4 partner sites, our work includes:
•    Farmers markets  (5,921 residents reached)
•    Community-based agriculture  (4,520 residents reached)

School Initiatives

We provide technical assistance to schools to set goals and adopt best practices for physical activity and physical education inside and outside of the classroom, and to create healthy food environments through locally source produce, smarter lunchrooms and school-based agriculture.
Working with 2 partner sites, our work includes:
•    Safe Routes to School  (638 students reached)
•    School-Based Agriculture  (638 students reached)
•    Engaging with School Districts  (177 students reached)

Workplace Wellness INITIATIVES

Evidence-based workplace initiatives support policy and system changes to promote healthier work environments, including creating workplaces that are tobacco-free and supportive of breastfeeding, and that promote healthy eating and physical activity among employees.
Working with 10 partner sites, our work includes:
•    Organizational Planning & Structure  (177 employees reached)
•    Tobacco-Free Environments  (175 employees reached)
•    Tobacco Cessation Support  (60 employees reached)
•    Increased Access to Healthy Eating  (2,277 employees reached)
•    Breastfeeding Support & Facilities  (356 employees reached)
•    Increased Access to Physical Activity  (537 employees reached)
•    Lifestyle & Stress Management  (189 employees reached)

Health Care Initiatives

We work to establish clinic-community linkages for referral systems between health care systems and community partners. We work to expand access to evidence-based programs related to obesity prevention, tobacco cessation, chronic-disease self-management, breastfeeding support and falls prevention.
Working with 1 partner site, our work includes:
•    Engaging Medical & Community Partners  (250 patients reached)
•    Evidence-Based Programming  (30 patients reached)


Live Well Goodhue County is supported by the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, Minnesota Department of Health

Megan Roschen, Co-Coordinator
Goodhue County Health & Human Services, Public Health Division
426 West Avenue, Red Wing, MN 55066
651-385-6140 I email

David Anderson, Coordinator
Goodhue County Health & Human Services, Public Health Division
426 West Avenue, Red Wing, MN 55066
651-385-6148 |  email