Tobacco-Free Living


Knowing how to do go about adopting policies and where to find quitting tobacco programs makes it easier to live tobacco-free.

Quit Smoking and Vaping Tools

Quitting nicotine isn’t easy, but it can be done with the right support. So if you or a loved one is ready to quit, there’s no better time than now.

Quit Partner: Minnesota’s New Cessation Programs

Quit Partner is Minnesota’s new family of commercial tobacco cessation programs, offering free quit-tobacco support to Minnesota residents who use any form of commercial tobacco, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes/vapes, and chew. To enroll go to: or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).

The new programs offer many quit support options and resources so that Minnesota residents can find the way to quit that works best for them.  Free support includes phone and online coaching; text, email, and web programs; and quit medications (nicotine patches, gum or lozenges) delivered by mail.

Quit Partner also has specialized programs for people living with mental illnesses or substance use disorders, American Indian communities, pregnant and post-partum women, and youth under the age of 18.

Quit Partner is administered by the Minnesota Department of Health, with quitline services provided by National Jewish Health, the nation’s leading respiratory hospital and largest, non-profit provider of quitline services.

Additional Quitting Tobacco for Adults

Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care
Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care cover counseling and the following medications:
      o Patches
      o Gum
      o Lozenges
      o Nicotine Inhaler
      o Nicotine Nasal Spray
      o Bupropion
      o Chantix
Talk with your doctor about quitting and get the right help you need to quit for good.

Health insurance companies have their own options. Call the number of the back of your insurance card to see what is available.

  Developed with guidance from the community, the American Indian Quitline from QUIT Partner Services offers completely free and specially designed support to help people quit commercial tobacco.
The American Indian Quitline (1-888-9AI-QUIT or 1-888-924-7848) is staffed from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. CST (Monday-Friday). Anyone who lives in Minnesota can get the following help to quit commercial tobacco:
      o A dedicated team, including American Indian coaches who understand and respect American Indian culture and traditions.
      o Up to seven calls with the coaches, allowing callers to get to know them.
      o Up to 12 weeks of free lozenges, gum or patches to help callers quit the addiction.

Smokefree Español
Este sitio en la red ofrece enfoques recomendados sobre cómo dejar de fumar, información sobre un amplio rango de temas relacionados con el fumar y dejar de fumar, y una fuente de recursos gratuitos en español. La información disponible en este sitio en la red puede darle apoyo con sus necesidades inmediatas y a largo plazo a medida que deja de fumar.

More Services for Adults
      o Smokefree Veterans
      o Smokefree Women
      o Smokefree 60+

Additional Tobacco Dependence Treatment Resources for Youth

Smokefree Teen
  Smokefree Teen helps teens stop using tobacco by providing information grounded in scientific evidence and offering free tools that meet teens where they are – on their mobile phones.
      o Text messaging program
      o quitSTART mobile app
      o LiveHelp online chat

Truth Initiative®
A free text message program created with input from teens, college students and young adults who have attempted to, or successfully, quit e-cigarettes. It's tailored by age group to give teens and young adults appropriate recommendations about quitting. The program also serves as a resource for parents looking to help their children who now vape.
      o This is Quiting – To enroll, text DITCHJUUL to 88709
      o BecomeAnEx – A free, digital quit-smoking plan and online community of thousands of smokers and ex-smokers.
      o The EX Program – The EX Program expands on BecomeAnEx to provide an enterprise-level tobacco cessation program   designed for employers and health plans.

Health Plans
  Health insurance companies have their own options. Youth and parents should check with their health plan. Call the number of the back of your insurance card to see what is available.

Tobacco use costs Minnesota $3.2 billion annually in medical cost and kills over 6,300 Minnesotans every year. Investing in tobacco prevention and control saves lives and taxpayer dollars.

Resources for a Tobacco-Free Worksite
o American Lung Association – Making Your Worksite Tobacco-Free
o Steps for Adopting a Tobacco-Free Grounds Policy
Resources for Smoke-Free Housing
o Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Your Healthy Home
o Smoke-Free Public Housing
• Resources for Tobacco-Free Parks
o Guide to Tobacco-Free Policies for Community Park Systems

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