Notice of Reassessments

The Goodhue County Assessor’s Office will be performing reassessments of properties. This is for the 2022 assessment for property taxes payable in 2023 in the following areas:

- City of Goodhue                                 - Kenyon Township

- City of Pine Island                              - Minneola Township

- City of Zumbrota                                 - Pine Island Township

- Cherry Grove Township                      - Roscoe Township

- Goodhue Township                             - Zumbrota Township 

Due to COVID restrictions, Goodhue County appraisal staff will not be conducting any interior viewings as required by State standards. The appraisal staff will be leaving their card, updating photos, verifying measurements in the above mentioned areas for the 2022 assessment.

If you would like to update your parcel information, please contact us at 651-385-3040, or complete a Property Questionnaire form by clicking here.