Liquor License

Application Process

To apply for a liquor license outside city limits in Goodhue County, please contact the Goodhue County Finance & Taxpayer Services Office at 651-385-3040.

Liquor License Fees

  • On Sale - $1,800
  • Off Sale - $500
  • Sunday - $200
  • Temporary - $35
  • Wine - $500
  • Club - $300
  • Consumption and Display (Set Up) - $300
    Plus $250 payable to Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Every application for the issuance or renewal of a liquor or wine license must include a Training Verification Statement signed by the license / applicant verifying that all persons selling or serving liquor or wine upon the licensed premises have successfully completed a Responsible Seller / Server Training Course within the preceding 12 months. There is an additional fee of $100 due upon annual submission of this statement.