Mobile Homes

The Goodhue County Finance & Taxpayer Services Office is responsible for the collection of taxes on approximately one thousand mobile homes located throughout the county. Mobile home property tax statements are mailed to the owners annually before July 15th. The due dates for mobile home property taxes are August 31 and November 15. Payment Options

  1. Buying/Selling/Moving
  2. Replacement Titles

When buying, selling or moving a mobile home, there are certain requirements that must be satisfied. 

  1. The owner of the mobile home must obtain a tax certification form signed by the Goodhue County Finance & Taxpayer Services Office stating there are no current or delinquent taxes. The fee for the tax certification is $6.00. 
  2. Once the tax certification is issued, the owner can transfer the title or move the mobile home.

To transfer the tax responsibility, the new owner of a mobile home must complete a data request form and a homestead application. Future taxes remain with the seller until the data request form is returned.