Communication Center

Heart of the Department

The Dispatch Center is known as the “Heart of the Department”. This is among the most stressful positions within the department. Almost one-half of all the incoming calls for service are for informational purposes, yet the Dispatch Deputy must balance the patience and self-control for handling most any emergency situation that may arise.

Dispatch Desk

Professionalism & Efficiency

From requests for other department phone numbers to life-threatening situations, the position is unique with its demand for both professionalism and efficiency to process calls for service with the public’s utmost safety in mind. As stressful as it can be, the satisfaction of helping people and even occasionally saving a life provides an enormous amount of self-accomplishment.

The Dispatch Center operates 24 hours a day. The center receives all requests for police, fire and medical services, emergency or non-emergency. The Goodhue County Dispatch Center not only takes all calls from the county, but also takes calls and dispatches for the Police Departments in Red Wing, Cannon Falls, Goodhue, Kenyon, Prairie Island, and Zumbrota.