K-9 Unit

The K-9 Units

The Goodhue County Sheriff's Office currently has 3 police K-9s. The police dogs are usually German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois and are imported from the eastern Europe. Handlers are Deputy Jim Goham with K9 Valor, Deputy Mike Ayres with K9 Halo, and Deputy Matt Bowron with K9 Gamble, they are certified as K-9 patrol teams.

K9 Skills

The K9s have many skills that make them a valuable tool for law enforcement.


The K9s use their heightened sense of smell to detect the path of fleeing criminals or missing children / adults. K9s use a combination of the scent of the individual and also the disturbed ground scent a person makes when they step. They can track across many surfaces to include concrete, grass, sand, and gravel.

Ayres and Halo

MajOR Criminal Apprehension

In the rare circumstance of a fleeing felon or violent individual refusing to surrender to law enforcement, Havoc is trained to physically apprehend suspects and render them into submission for law enforcement to take them into custody.

Building Searches

The K9s can enter a building and search it for an intruder in a fraction of the time it would take Police Officers.

Area Searches

The K9s can search large areas for suspects and locate them using his heightened sense of smell.

Drug Searches

The K9s are trained to detect the odor of illegal narcotics. They are an extremely important tool in the fight against drugs in our community. When a K9 indicates to the odor of narcotics it gives law enforcement probable cause to search.

K9 Treatment / Safety

The K9s are considered a Deputy Sheriff and have their own equipment issued by the Department. They have special patrol cars that are set up to ensure K9 safety and comfort. The patrol car has its windows tinted to help minimize the heat; it also has a temperature alarm that lowers the windows and sounds the horn if the interior temperature gets too high.

The patrol car has a special cage built into it for K9's; it has a rubber mat and is ergonomically designed for comfort and safety. The cage has a water dish that allows the K9 to stay hydrated throughout his shift. The patrol car also has additional lights on it to maximize its visibility.

Committed To Service

The Goodhue County Sheriff's Office K-9 program is committed to serving its community and providing the highest quality of service to its citizens. If you wish to have a demonstration, feel free to contact Major Mike Johnson at 651-267-2655.

Goham and Havoc