Speakers Bureau

The speakers bureau provides presentations to civic organizations and groups concerning important operational areas of the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office. These presentations are free of charge. Tours of the Sheriff’s Office can also be arranged through the speakers bureau. Presentations on the following topics are available.

To arrange a presentation or tour, contact either of the following:

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Adult Detention Center / Direct Supervision Philosophy

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office is glad to welcome organized tours of our Adult Detention Center or provide presentations about our facility and/or the direct supervision philosophy we use to manage the facility.

Adult Detention Center Programs

Jail programs are at the heart of our direct supervision philosophy, such as Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), faith based education, General Education Degree (GED) classes, parenting classes, life skill education, etc. We would be glad to entertain your request for a presentation concerning our jail programs.

Boat, ATV, and Snowmobile Education / Enforcement

Many people do not realize that the Sheriff is required by state statute to patrol the navigable water ways throughout Goodhue County, and that during the winter, we receive reimbursement from the state for patrolling the miles of snowmobile trails that lie within Goodhue County. We would be happy to provide your group or organization with a presentation about boat, ATV, or snowmobile safety and/or laws.

Careers in Law Enforcement

We would be happy to give your class, group, or organization a presentation concerning the requirements of becoming a peace officer in Minnesota and about the many opportunities available to licensed peace officers.

Sheriff’s Citizens Academy

Members of the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office conduct the Citizen’s Academy typically in the spring of every year. The Citizen’s Academy is a six week program that gives members of the public a unique opportunity to explore several operational aspects of the Sheriff’s Office. Much of the academy is “hands on” including patrol ride along, shoot don’t shoot simulator, optional gun range activity, and tours of the E911 Communications Center, the jail, and the rest of our facility. Citizens Academy graduates are eligible to participate on the Sheriff’s Advisory Council.

Child Abuse / Sex Crimes

Unfortunately, Goodhue County is not immune to the pain caused by child abuse and sex related crimes however, we have highly skilled and trained investigators assigned to investigate these types of transgressions. You can learn how these investigators work with victims, advocates, and the community to stop these abuses.

Community Orientated Policing and Problem Orientated Policing

Community Orientated Policing and Problem Orientated Policing are at the core of our mission. We would be glad to speak with you about these important policing philosophies and how we can collaborate with you, your organization, or your group to make Goodhue County a safer place to live.

Contract Policing

The advent of contract policing began in the mid 1970’s, and it remains a viable way for government to consolidate services. We have been involved in contract policing within Goodhue County since the mid 1970’w as well, and we currently contract with several communities in Goodhue County to provide each of them their own, unique, policing needs. We would be glad to provide you with a presentation concerning the realities of contract policing.

Crime Prevention

We provide a multitude of presentations and programs through our crime prevention effort. We include presentations and programming on topics such as, but not limited to, identity theft, scams, drug awareness education, Operation ID, McGruff the Crime Dog appearances, bicycle rodeos, crimes against seniors, National Night Out appearances, etc. If you have other ideas or requests for crime prevention activities or presentations, please feel free to ask.

Crime Analysis in Goodhue County

We would be happy to give your group or organization a presentation concerning crime in Goodhue County. We can break down for you the frequency of crime, types of crime, location of crime, etc., or other crime related information you may desire.

Drug Awareness Education

The drug world is an ever changing and evolving public safety concern, and we would glad to provide your group or organization with the latest information concerning both the staples of the drug culture and the most current information regarding the latest designer drugs.

Emergency Response Team (SWAT)

We are fortunate in Goodhue County to have such a highly skilled and dedicated team of professionals servicing the tactical needs of the Goodhue County and Wabasha County law enforcement community. We would be happy to provide your group or organization with a presentation concerning the workings and capabilities of the Emergency Response Team.

Forensics & Evidence

When it comes to crime scene forensics, is the TV series CSI fact or complete fiction? Learn where the rubber really meets the road concerning crime scene investigations.

General Investigations

We would be happy to provide your group or organization with a presentation concerning the intricacies of criminal investigations.

History & Overview of the Sheriff’s Office

The history of the Sheriff’s Office is an interesting journey with the concept starting in Old England and transferring to American during our colonial times. We would be glad to provide your group or organization with a presentation concerning the evolution of the Sheriff’s Office including a discussion concerning today’s, statutory obligations and an overview of our organizational operations.

Identity Theft & Scams

Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and scam artists by booking a presentation for your group or organization with one of our crime prevention specialist. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Internal Affairs

The Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board requires law enforcement organizations to adapt policies and procedures for handling complaints against peace officers. We would be glad to share with your group or organization the policy and procedures we have adopted at the Sheriff’s Office to meet the POST mandate concerning complaint handling, corrective action, and discipline.

K-9 Unit

Meet Chopper and K-9 Handler, Sergeant Collins Voxland or Titan and K-9 Handler, Deputy James Goham at a Sheriff’s Office K-9 demonstration presented for your group or organization. The K-9 Unit is an integral part of our Patrol Division, and they are capable of performing apprehensions of criminals, drug searches, evidence searches, and searches for missing or fleeing persons. Ask us to do a demo for your group or organizations today.

Mounted Posse

Goodhue County is fortunate to have one of the best Mounted Posses in the state. The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse is an all volunteer organization that serves the Sheriff’s Office through public relation events, such as parades, crime scene preservation, extra patrol requests, etc. We would be glad to give your group or organization a presentation concerning the Mounted Posse or come see them every year at the Goodhue County Fair.

National Night Out Appearances / Support

Planning a National Night Out celebration or get together? Contact us to support your National Night Out event with personnel or crime prevention materials.|

Patrol Services

The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office has twenty-two, licensed and dedicated Patrol Deputies that help the Sheriff’s Office service the 746 squares miles of Goodhue County. Want to meet one them other than on a traffic stop? Arrange for your group or organization a presentation concerning our patrol operations and learn about the responsibilities of a Goodhue County Patrol Deputy.

School Resource Officers / Programs

Ten years ago our schools were a little perplexed as to why we wished to establish peace officers directly into our school environment. Today, they wouldn’t think of beginning the school year without them present. To learn the value of a School Resource Officer Program, schedule a presentation for your group or organization today.


Is a multidimensional, crime prevention program designed specifically for our senior population. Find out how your senior group or organization can benefit from crime prevention tips concerning identity theft, scams, fraud, etc. through the Triad Program.

911 Dispatch Operations

Have you ever wondered how the 911 system works? Call us or email us today to arrange a presentation for your group or organization concerning the 911 system and our E911 Communications Center. The more you know about handling an emergency, the better we can serve you.