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Plat Name Date Recorded Municipality
Cannon Fall Cemetery 6/20/1866
Cannon Falls
Cannon Fall Cemetery 4/1/1887
Cannon Falls
Cemetery of The Swedish M.E. Church VASA 1/21/1886
Cherry Grove Cemetery 9/28/1876
Cherry Grove Township
Church of St. Pius of Cannon Falls Cemetery 02/20/1981
Cannon Falls
Evangelical Lutheran Grace Congregation Cemetery N/A Goodhue
Evergreen Cemetery 06/26/1900
First Addition to Pine Island Cemetery 7/13/1894 Pine Island
Frontenac Cemetery 01/20/1938
German Lutheran St. John's Church Cemetery 12/6/1864
Red Wing
Hope Cemetery 12/30/1863
Featherstone Township
Minneola Cemetery Second Addition 06/22/1999
Minneola Township
Oakwood Cemetery 11/27/1871
Red Wing
Pine Island Cemetery 02/21/1945 Pine Island
Pine Island Cemetery 4th Addition
Pine Island
Pine Island Cemetery Part 2 02/21/1945
Pine Island
Prairie Creek Cemetery 1/14/1864
Featherstone Township
Rearrangement of Oakwood Cemetery 6/3/1891 Red Wing
Rolling Meadows Cemetery 10/9/2014 Belvidere Township
St. Michael's Cemetery 12/10/1946
Kenyon Township
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery 1/21/1886
Union Cemetery Association 06/23/1934
Belvidere Township
United Lutheran Cemetery Association Second Addition 04/21/1982 Zumbrota Township
United Lutheran Church Cemetery
4/25/1921 Zumbrota Township
Zumbrota Cemetery Association 01/22/1924
Zumbrota Township
Zumbrota Cemetery Association 02/05/1953
Zumbrota Cemetery Association South 04/15/1968
Zumbrota Cemetery Association Southeast 1/22/1992 Zumbrota