Minnesota Department of Transportation Plats

For a hard copy or for a certified copy of any recorded document, please contact the Goodhue County Recorder's Office.

Plat NameHighwayDate RecordedMunicipalitySTR
MN DOT - 25-01Highway 6010/19/1973Wanamingo2611017
MN DOT - 25-02Highway 6010/19/1973Wanamingo2511017
MN DOT - 25-03Highway 6104/05/1982Red Wing2811315
MN DOT - 25-04Highway 6104/05/1982Red Wing2111315
MN DOT - 25-05Highway 6112/07/1981Red Wing2211315
MN DOT - 25-06Highway 6112/07/1981Red Wing2211315
MN DOT - 25-07Highway 6112/30/1982Red Wing1911315
MN DOT - 25-08Highway 6109/08/1982Red Wing2511315
MN DOT - 25-09aHighway 6102/23/1983Red Wing2511315
MN DOT - 25-10aHighway 6108/23/1983Red Wing1911315
MN DOT - 25-11Highway 6001/11/1989Kenyon Township0610918
MN DOT - 25-12Highway 6001/11/1989Kenyon Township0510918
MN DOT - 25-13Highway 6011/18/1988Kenyon0410918
MN DOT - 25-14aHighway 6005/08/1989Kenyon Township0610918
MN DOT - 25-15Highway 5203/15/1990Pine Island Township1710915
MN DOT - 25-16Highway 5203/15/1990Pine Island Township1910915
MN DOT - 25-17Highway 5203/15/1990Pine Island Township2910915
MN DOT - 25-18Highway 5203/15/1990Pine Island Township3310915
MN DOT - 25-19Highway 5203/15/1990Pine Island Township3410915
MN DOT - 25-20Highway 5203/15/1990Pine Island Township0710915
MN DOT - 25-21Highway 6108/13/1993Red Wing1911315
MN DOT - 25-22Highway 5812/28/1990Zumbrota3011015
MN DOT - 25-23Highway 5802/05/1991Zumbrota3011015
MN DOT - 25-24Highway 5802/05/1991Zumbrota Township1911015
MN DOT - 25-25Highway 5802/05/1991Zumbrota Township1711015
MN DOT - 25-26Highway 5802/26/1991Zumbrota Township0811015
MN DOT - 25-27Highway 5802/26/1991Zumbrota Township0911015
MN DOT - 25-28Highway 5802/28/1991Zumbrota Township0411015
MN DOT - 25-29Highway 5802/28/1991Goodhue Township3311115
MN DOT - 25-30Highway 5802/28/1991Goodhue Township2811115
MN DOT - 25-31Highway 5801/28/1991Goodhue Township2111115
MN DOT - 25-32aHighway 5806/10/1991Zumbrota Township0911015
MN DOT - 25-33Highway 6108/13/1993Red Wing1811315
MN DOT - 25-34Highway 6108/13/1993Red Wing1811315
MN DOT - 25-35Highway 6108/13/1993Welch Township1311316
MN DOT - 25-36Highway 5803/24/1994Goodhue Township1611115
MN DOT - 25-37Highway 5803/24/1994Goodhue Township0911115
MN DOT - 25-38Highway 5803/24/1994Goodhue Township0311115
MN DOT - 25-39Highway 5802/02/1994Goodhue Township0311115
MN DOT - 25-40Highway 5803/24/1994Goodhue Township0211115
MN DOT - 25-41Highway 5803/24/1994Featherstone Township3511215
MN DOT - 25-42Highway 5812/16/1993Featherstone Township3611215
MN DOT - 25-43Highway 6104/07/1995Welch Township1211316
MN DOT - 25-44Highway 6104/07/1995Welch Township1111316
MN DOT - 25-45Highway 6104/07/1995Welch Township1011316
MN DOT - 25-46Highway 6104/24/1995Welch Township0911316
MN DOT - 25-47Highway 6104/24/1995Welch Township0811316
MN DOT - 25-48Highway 6104/24/1995Welch Township0711316
MN DOT - 25-49aHighway 6108/23/1995Welch Township1011316
MN DOT - 25-50aHighway 6108/23/1995Welch Township0811316
MN DOT - 25-MIHighway 5201/21/1977Cannon Falls Township1911217
MN DOT - 25-51Highway 5804/27/2001Hay Creek1711214
MN DOT - 25-52Highway 5804/27/2001Hay Creek Township1711214
MN DOT - 25-53Highway 5804/27/2001Hay Creek Township811214
MN DOT - 25-54Highway 5804/27/2001Hay Creek Township811214
MN DOT - 25-55Highway 5803/06/2002Red Wing0511214
MN DOT - 25-56Highway 5803/06/2002Red Wing0511214
MN DOT - 25-57Highway 5803/06/2002Red Wing3211314
MN DOT - 25-58Highway 5811/14/2002Welch Township0711316
MN DOT - 25-59Highway 31611/14/2002Welch Township0711316
MN DOT - 25-60Highway 31611/14/2002Welch0511316
MN DOT - 25-61aHighway 5809/19/2002Red Wing0511214
MN DOT - 25-62Highway 5704/24/2003Wanamingo2511117
MN DOT - 25-63Tower11/16/2004Leon Twp1711117
MN DOT - 25-64Tower12/13/2004Zumbrota Twp0811015
MN DOT - 25-65Highway 5809/24/2009Zumbrota Twp3111015
MN DOT - 25-66Highway 5204/24/2012Pine Island3310915
MN DOT - 25-67Highway 52 520th Street05/04/2011Pine Island Twp3410915
MN DOT - 25-68520th Street05/04/2011Pine Island Twp3510915
MN DOT - 25-69Highway 5204/16/2012Cannon Falls1911217
MN DOT - 25-70Highway 5212/19/2012Cannon Falls Twp3011217
MN DOT - 25-71Highway 5212/17/2012Cannon Falls Twp3011217
MN DOT - 25-72Highway 5212/12/2012Cannon Falls Twp3011217
MN DOT - 25-73Highway 5210/11/2012Cannon Falls1911217
MN DOT - 25-74Highway 5212/19/2012Cannon Falls Twp3011217
MN DOT - 25-75Highway 5212/19/2012Cannon Falls Twp3011217
MN DOT - 25-76Highway 5212/17/2012Stanton2511218
MN DOT -25-77Highway 5212/12/2012Cannon Falls Twp1911217
MN DOT - 25-78Highway 5208/16/2012Pine Island Twp3310915
MN DOT - 25-79Highway 5212/17/2012Cannon Falls Twp3111217
MN DOT - 25-80Highway 5210/24/2013Minneola Twp2611016
MN DOT - 25-81Highway 5210/24/2013Minneola Twp2511016
MN DOT - 25-82Highway 5210/24/2013Minneola Twp2511016
MN DOT - 25-83Highway 5209/24/2013Leon Twp2111117
MN DOT - 25-84Highway 5209/24/2013Leon Twp2711117
MN-DOT - 25-85Highway 58/61/6304/20/2017City of Red Wing2311314
MN DOT -25-86Highway 61/6312/20/2016City of Red Wing2911314
MN DOT -25-87Highway 5211/07/2016Roscoe0110916
Highway 52
City of Canon Falls
MN-DOT-25-89Highway 58/61/6308/01/2017City of Red Wing2911314
MN-DOT-25-90Highway 5601/05/2021Holden Twp0911018
MN-DOT-25-91Highway 6003/22/2021Pine Island Twp0510915
MN-DOT-25-92Highway 6003/29/2021Pine Island Twp0410915
MN-DOT-25-93Highway 6003/29/2021Pine Island Twp0310915
MD-DOT-25-94Highway 6003/22/2021Pine Island Twp0110915
MN-DOT-25-95Highway 5212/28/2020City of Cannon Falls3111217
MN-DOT-25-96Highway 5212/28/2020City of Cannon Falls3111217
MN-DOT-25-97Highway 5203/01/2021Leon Twp0811117
MN-DOT-25-98Highway 5203/01/2021Leon Twp0811117
MN-DOT-25-99Highway 5203/01/2021Leon Twp1711117
MN-DOT-25-100Highway 5212/28/2020City of Cannon Falls3111217
MN-DOT-25-101Highway 5203/29/2021Wanamingo Twp0111017
MN-DOT-25-102Highway 5203/29/2021Wanamingo Twp0111017
MM-DOT-25-103Highway 5203/29/2021Wanamingo Twp0111017
MN-DOT-25-104Highway 5703/29/2021Wanamingo Twp0111017
MN-DOT-25-105Highway 803/29/2021Leon Twp3611117
MD-DOT-25-106Highway 5208/17/2021Minneola Twp0811016
MN-DOT-25-107Highway 5208/17/2021Minneola Twp0811016
MN-DOT-25-108Highway 5208/17/2021Minneola Twp1711016
MN-DOT-25-109Highway 5208/17/2021Minneola Twp1611016
MN-DOT-25-110Highway 5208/17/2021Minneola Twp1611016
MN-DOT-25-111Highway 5208/31/2021LeonTwp2111117
MN-DOT-25-112Highway 5209/07/2021Leon Twp2711117
MN-DOT-25-113Highway 5209/07/2021Leon Twp2611117
MN-DOT-25-114Highway 5209/28/2021Leon Twp3511117
MN-DOT-25-115Highway 5209/28/2021Wanamingo/Leon Twp0111017
MN-DOT-25-116Highway 5204/14/2022Wanamingo/Leon Twp0111017
MN-DOT-25-117Highway 5803/31/2023Goodhue Twp2111115
MN-DOT-25-118Highway 6105/22/2023Wacouta Twp3411314
MN-DOT-25-119Highway 6105/22/2023City of Red Wing2811314