LandShark is a web based application which allows users access to some of the county’s recorded documents via a pre-authorized user ID and password. This access is ideal for banks, abstract, mortgage, title companies, and surveyors who regularly visit the Recorders office to search for documents.


The Recorders Office has been scanning documents as part of the recording process since November 2000. Recently, we have scanned documents dating back through 1947. We will continue the scanning process until all of the documents have been scanned. At this point in time, documents recorded prior to 1987 can only be accessed if the document number or book and page are known.

Set Up Your Account

Below are the Remote Access Forms-- The Pre-Pay Form, Remote Access Agreement Form, User Profile Form and associated fees must be received by the Recorder’s Office prior to access to the data. This information can be mailed to the Goodhue County Recorder.

Enter LandShark

Screenshot of Landshark webpage