How do I receive the support collected?
The child support agency collects the support from the obligor. In most cases, the child support agency sends the support collected and owed to the obligee within 2 days. Funds collected through certain tax intercepts may be held for up to 6 months to make sure the refund was properly intercepted. Once you apply for services, all support payments must come through the state. If you receive a support payment from the obligor, you must tell your child support worker. You may be asked to send the payment to the Child Support Payment Center so that it can be disbursed according to federal guidelines.

For up to the minute case and payment information, you can visit the Minnesota Child Support resource. You can also call the Child Support Payment Line at the following numbers:

  • Ph: 651-215-5629 in the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Ph: 651-215-5630 in the Twin Cities metro area
  • Ph: 800-657-3512 outside the Twin Cities metro area
  • Ph: 888-234-1208 (TTY/TDD) outside the Twin Cities metro area

    To get information, you must know your personal identification number (PIN) that the child support agency will assign to you.

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